Þriðjudaginn 28. október kl. 12:00-13:00 flytur dr. Gunhild Hoogensen, dósent í stjórnmálafræði við Háskólann í Tromsö, fyrirlesturinn „The contributions of gender thinking to a human-based security framework“ í stofu 101 í Lögbergi. Fyrirlesturinn fer fram á ensku.


This presentation will discuss the ways in which gender approaches contribute to the development of a human-based security framework, that acknowledges the realities of „the local“ and smaller units (humans!) to the provision of security. Gender approaches have long told us that security is not just a state-based matter, but is a product of non-state based actors as well, that is, multiple security actors. Acknowledging and recognizing multiple actors also allows us to turn the concept of security on its head, whereby it is not the „independent variable“ that determines which contexts are security contexts, but that it becomes the „dependent variable“ that is determined on the basis of context, that is, what the actors in a given context argue is security. The presentation will show how this approach, informed by gender analysis, is more relevant and reality-based than „realism“ in its reflection of so-called traditional security concerns in international operations. The process of civil-military cooperation demonstrates both the lacking relevance of a state-based security approach as well as the need for a better and more complex understanding of security that gender approaches can and do provide.