RIKK – Institute for Gender, Equality and Difference is a leading institute in the field of women’s, gender and equality research in Iceland. Founded in 1991, RIKK promotes interdisciplinary gender research and the dissemination of research results and information.

RIKK and GEST Lecture Series Spring 2020

RIKK and the GEST Programme Lecture Series in spring 2020 is devoted to gender and climate change. The lecture series is held in partnership with the National Museum of Iceland. The lectures take place at noon, usually on Thursdays, in the Museum’s Lecture Hall, and...


The RIKK – Institute for Gender, Equality and Difference Lecture Series allows scholars to present and discuss new research in the field of gender and equality studies. The lecture series aims for an interdisciplinary approach with diverse themes and topics. The lecture series in spring is organized in cooperation with the GEST Programme. The lectures are at noon, usually on Thursdays at the lecture hall of the National Museum of Iceland. The Lecture Series is held in partnership with the National Museum of Iceland and the lectures are conducted in either English or Icelandic. Program.


Vor 2020

Í fyrirlestrasal Þjóðminjasafns Íslands kl.12-13



RIKK organises conferences, symposiums and other events in the field.


Gendering Transformations (28.10.2020 - 30.10.2020, Taipei )

The National Central Library of Taiwan, the Nordic Institute of Asian Studies and Taiwanese Feminist Scholars Association organize a conference on the strategies for and complexities in feminist transformative practices at local, regional, national a...


“States of Exception” and the Politics of Anger

The EDDA Research Center,  in cooperation with the ReNEW Excellence Hub, hosts an international conference—to be held at the University of Iceland on 19–20 October 2018—on emergency politics. It brings together scholars in diverse academic fi...


10-Year Anniversary Seminar in Nairobi

This week on December 16-18, the GEST Programme celebrates its 10-year anniversary at the Kenya Institute for Curriculum Development Nairobi in collaboration with the UNESCO Management of Social Transformations Programme (MOST) and the Kenya National...