Seminar: “Between Two Pandemics: Increasing Awareness of Gender-Based Violence during COVID and Beyond”

Tuesday 19/10/2021, Wednesday 20/10/2021, Thursday 21/10/2021 

13.00-15.00 Greece, 10.00-12.00 Iceland, 12.00-14.00 Norway 

In this three-day seminar we will discuss various aspects of how the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to light the serious issues related to gender-based violence. Much like the #MeToo revolution and other recent global feminist movements, lockdown during COVID-19 brought issues of GBV to the forefront. International organisations such as the UN and the WHO began more directly discussing issues related to gender-based violence, calling it the shadow pandemic. While gender equity is one of the Sustainable Development Goals, the topic of violence often ends up in the shadows. As we bring the discussion into the light we can begin to question if the increased focus has impacted those whom the actions were intended to help. In our seminar we begin by looking at violence against women through discourses used by the various global organisations that have focused on GBV during the pandemic. Then in the second session we explore various policies related to violence against women, such as the Istanbul convention and how they impact fragile settings.  In our third meeting we will spend time contextualising our discussion within our own countries. Our sessions will be a mixture of lecture, discussion and brief activities. Below are links to sites and documents that participants should familiarise themselves with for each session. 

The seminar will be conducted in English and it is free of charge 

It is organised by RIKK – Institute for Gender, Equality and Difference It will be carried out by Brynja Elísabeth Halldórsdóttir. 

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Deadline for applications: Sunday 17th of October 2021 

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