The RIKK – Institue for Gender, Equality and Difference Fall Lecture Series continues on the same theme as last semester: Decolonialism. The series will include diverse and interdisciplinary research that looks at various aspects of decoloniality and particularly research that looks at the underlying ideology of colonialism and imperialism, in the context of women’s and gender studies, feminism, and equality in a broad sense.

The series commences on 21 September with a lecture, in Icelandic, by Davíð G. Kristinsson on North Atlantic literature and its post-colonial re-examination. In the second lecture, on 28 September, Flora Tietgen looks at services for immigrant women in Iceland in a lecture titled „Reproduction of Colonial Discourses in Institutional Practices: Exploring Services and Support for Immigrant Women in Iceland“. Sigríður Guðmarsdóttir will discuss decolonial practices, indigeneity and theology in the Nordic Arctic in her talk, in Icelandic, on 12 October. On 26 October Giti Chandra, Jón I. Kjaran and Mohammad Naeimi will give a lecture titled „Trapped in Coloniality. (Mis)Representation of Africa in the Icelandic TV Series Trapped“. Nína Hjálmarsdóttir and Þorbjörg Daphne Hall will investigate the images of Iceland and their representations in Icelandic contemporary arts on 9 November (in Icelandic). The Icelandic media coverage of Queen Elizabet‘s death will be the topic of Jovana Pavlovic‘s input, also in Icelandic, on 23 November. The final lecture of the series will be given on 30 November (in Icelandic) by Guðrún Björk Guðsteinsdóttir on the decolonization of the reader in The Prowler by Kristjana Gunnars.

The lecture series will be held in the National Museum of Iceland in collaboration with the museum. Further information on the series and the programme can be found on RIKK‘s website and Facebook-page and on RIKK‘s mailing list (registration here). Lectures in the series will be held in Icelandic or English. The series follows the spring 2023 series on the same topic and a publication of an edited volume on the topic is planned to follow.